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Der Junge muss an die frische Luft

FICTION | 110′ | Alexa Mini

Film adaptation of the autobiography “Der Junge muss an die frische Luft” by Hape Kerkeling. 


Winner: German Filmaward 2019 


Director: Caroline Link
DoP: Judith Kaufmann
Additional DoP: Moritz Moessinger
Script:Ruth Thoma
Production:Warner Bros., UFA Fiction; Feine Filme


w2800 h1866 x1796 y1197 rev 1 De 9095 JUNGE High Res JPEG 8c9998f851d6c203 scaled - All about me


5f7daa064c5c98db1137f36d50a197119738919f - All about me

Der Junge muss an die frische Luft 01 © 2000 2018 Warner Bros - All about me

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junge muss an die frische luft der foto 02 - All about me


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