Charlotte A. Rolfes

Short film | 16 MIN | Germany | 2016

ARRI Alexa XT | Hawk V-Plus Anamorphic | 1:2.39


ARRI Alexa XT / Hawk V-Plus Anamorphic / 1:2.39


Lucas Prisor
Dejan Boucin
Karmela Shako
Anja Reschke


Moritz Mössinger


Janina Sara Hennemann
Hamburg Media School

Awards and Nominations:

  Fünf Seen Festival (Best Short)
   Manlleu Film Festival (Best Short)
   16. Turkish Film Festival Frankfurt 2016 (Best Short)
   Reflecta Film Festival (Best Short)
   Hagen Short Film Festival (Best Short / Audience Award)
   Swikos Short Film Festival Basel (Best Director / Audience Award)
   Eudia & Anima International Short Film Festival (Special Mentioning)
   Open Eyes Filmfestival (Best Short)
   Fünf Seen Festival (Best Short)
   Oderkurz Festival (Best Short)
   Kunstgriff Rolle (2. Place Best Short)
   Abgedreht Festival (Audience Award)
   Internationales Filmfest Emden|Norderney (2.Place Best Short)
   German Human Rights Award
   Max Ophüls Film Festival
   Interfilm Festival Berlin


Janosch, an interpreter, is called to help during a police deployment at the Port of Hamburg. A young African woman has barricaded herself in a container ship and threatens to commit suicide.
In order to get her out, Janosch promises to help her, an offer which bears unexpected consequences.