Svavar Knútur – The Hurting


Kay Otto

Music Video | 4:30MIN | Germany | 2018
Arri Alexa SXT and ARRI SR3 | Hawk V-Plus (2x) and Zeiss Highspeed | 1:2.39 and 1:1.77

Cast and Crew:

Andreas Anke


Kay Otto


Moritz Mössinger


Kim Höver
Antiplot Film | Clipper Film


Music Video for the islandic artist “Svavar Knútur”.

Life has not been kind to Pawel. A school`s janitor in his mid forties, he had to let go of his dream of piloting an aircraft. Spending his days now between work routines at school, as a barfly in the local pub or spotting planes at an airport. It is only after the last student has left, when he transcends being a janitor and becomes a dancer fighting the rules of gravity and the pain buried in his soul.