Sarahs Room


Grant McPhee

Feature / 80 MIN / Scotland / 2013
RED One / 35mm / 8mm / Nikon Vintage Primes / 1:2.39


Kitty Colquhoun
Patrick O’Brien
Hanna Standbridge


Grant McPhee
Moritz Mössinger (B-Camera)


Steven Moore
Digital Onset Films

Awards and Nominations:

  Jerome Indie FIlm Festival (Best Feature)
  Fife FIlm Expo (Best Feature)
   Bootleg Film Festival (Best Cinematography)
   Eureka Springs Film Festivl (Best Foreign Feature)
   Loas Angeles Independent FIlm Festival
   BAFTA Awards Scotland


A young, lonely wife takes in a young female boarder named Sarah. Her husband returns, and he can’t keep himself away from the alluring Sarah, and the exotic mysteries hidden in Sarah’s room. Made in Scotland in just five days for a wee six grand, “Sarah’s Room” is an intriguing and artistic tale told in haunting tones, smoky interiors and often voyeuristic camera techniques. Outstanding low budget indie recalling the contemporary mood and feel of David Lynch with the dreamy depressing draw of  “Last Tango In Paris.”