Charlotte A. Rolfes

Shortfilm | 23 MIN | Germany | 2017
ARRI Alexa XT | Master Primes | 1:1.85 – 1:1.5


Uwe Bohm
Deborah Kaufmann
Leonie Reiners
Joel Williams


Moritz Mössinger


Janina Sara Hennemann
Hamburg Media School


When her dad ends up at the hospital, Lea immediately decides to cancel her stay at the Film Festival Cannes where she is about  to present the latest short film she directed as part of her film studies. Instead of taking part of the premiere, she takes the first flight to see her parents at the end of the world: The Wendland.
At home, she – unsurprisingly – is confronted with the usual chaos. Her parents Heiner (62) and Martha (56), two ex-Hippies who decided to built their own anarchic home on the countryside, didn’t change much. Years ago, they where the first to demonstrate against the environment disasters of Gorleben and today, they still value their alternative lifestyle and a never ending grudge with modern medicine. No matter how serious Heiner’s condition is, he refuses agreeing to the surgery, especially because he can’t stand the idea of receiving a pig valve. Because of her strong belief in self-determination, Martha doesn’t try to persuade her husband and just finished, changing the junk-room of the house into an Hawaiian Massage-Studio. As a masseuse, Martha decided to employ Numar, a refugee from the Ivory Coast, who also moved into Leas old nursery.

From now on, everything needs to change. Heiner has to take the heart surgery and the only one able to persuade him is Lea. At least that is what she’s convinced of.